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Sega: Twinstick pre-orders going well; design could change

Latest update at the Virtual On Oratorio Tangram blog contains good news for fans.

Sega and Hori needs 1,500 people to express interest before this baby goes into production!

Good news for those planning on picking up one of those pricey Xbox 360 Twin Sticks EX peripherals. Today's Virtual On Oratorio Tangram official blog post says that pre-orders for the device are going well. Sega is not able to say for sure if they'll reach the required numbers, but this certainly does seem like a positive sign.

As previously announced, the Twin Sticks EX is a pre-order only device. Furthermore, Hori will only send the device into production if it has received a certain number of pre-orders. Last week's post at the blog said that about 1,500 pre-orders would be needed for production to kick off.

Today's blog update also contains a Q&A with a Mr. Okami from Hori. Here are a few points of note.

Pre-orders for the Twin Sticks EX are being taken through 15:00 on July 2. There's no guarantee that you'll be able to get one if you do not pre-order during this period. However, the possibility of additional shipments is not zero.

The previously shown image of the Twin Sticks EX is just that -- an image. Mr. Okami said that it's best to think that the design for the top panel of the device will end up changing.

On the other hand, it looks like the shape of the grip on the levers may be finalized. Mr. Okami states that Hori has received a large number of questions and requests about this area, and they're looking into how to respond to these. But there are pricing and timing issues to consider.

The distance between the two levers is meant to be close to the Blast City type arcade unit Twin Sticks. Hori believes the EX Twin Sticks will be closest to the arcade in positioning compared to all past Twin Sticks.

The weight of the Twin Sticks EX will probably be about 4kg. Mr. Okami believes that it will be more sturdy than past Twin Stick peripherals.

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