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Hudson Opens DSi Ware Portal Site

Access special sites for all Hudson download titles.


Hudson has been one of WiiWare and Virtual Console's staunchest supporters throughout the world. It looks like the publisher has similar sights set on Nintendo's other download service, DSiWare.

The company recently (June 19) opened a DSi Ware portal site. The site offers quick access to special pages for all the firm's DSi Ware product, and, as with its other portal pages, is split into sections for Japan, North America, Europe, and Australia.

Hudson's new DSi Ware portal site. The company also has portal sites for all the other console download services.

Hudson's DSi Ware support is a bit light right now, with just Sudoku 50 and Sudko 150 on the international service and Illust Logic on the Japanese service. With a new portal site open, expect the lineup to increase.

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