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Arc Patches Okiraku WiiWare Game

No more freezing during Wi-Fi matching.

The sixth entry in the Okiraku series. The next entry is Tennis, due for summer release.

Something was amiss with Arc System Work's sixth Okiraku series WiiWare game, Okiraku Daifuugou Wii. Released on June 2, the downloadable card game had a tiny bug which caused the program to freak out under certain conditions during Wi-Fi matches.

Today, Arc provided a free patch to fix the problem. To get the patch, you'll have to go through the Wii Shopping Channel. Those who are new to the game can make their purchase like normal and will end up with the new version.

The specific problem occurred when two or three players had started a Wi-Fi battle. Just as the match starts, if the game ends up finding another player, the screen freezes and the program releases a beep sound.

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