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My Summer Vacation Asks: Why Do Girls Have Breasts?

Sony promotes its big summer PSP release.


Sony's My Summer Vacation series appears to be a once-per-platform thing. The original PlayStation got the first one. PS2 got the second one. PS3 got the third one. And now, part 4 is due out on July 2 exclusively for the PSP.

With such a slow release schedule, it shouldn't come as a surprise to learn that Sony is pimping the game big time. The title was one of the main attractions in Sony's recent showing at the World Hobby Fair, and now Sony is prepping a series of commercials, five of which went live today at the PS World Movie Channel and on the air waves.

The theme for these spots appears to be reflecting back on your childhood summer having grown up a bit. Let's take a look.

In this version, called "I Love You," your character runs around shouting first how everyone sucks, then how he loves everyone.


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This version, called "The Hill Where You Can See the Stars," shows a conversation between your character and a girl. The girl says that it's a bit scary that you can see so many stars.


This version is titled "Shoro Nagashi" (literally "flowing spirits," in reference to the lanterns that are floated in the water during the yearly O-bon festival of the dead). An adult tells you that the lanterns are beautiful, then explains that the lights signify life.


In this one, titled "Manga's Summer Vacation," an older girl, Manga, asks you how long you'll be in town. You respond until the end of summer break, then ask her the same question. She says that she'll be there until the end of summer break as well.


Finally, in "One More Adventure," you go around asking everyone why girls have breasts.


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