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Final Fantasy Hits Game Archives

PlayStation remake downloadable to PS3 and PSP.


Sony's Game Archive download service took delivery today of its third Final Fantasy game. Following Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy Tactics, Square Enix jumped back in time to the very original Final Fantasy. The classic is available as a 60 megabyte download for both PS3 and PSP at the standard Game Archives asking price of ¥600.

It should be noted that this isn't actually the original Famicom version of the game. The Game Archives version is the PlayStation remake of that title, which featured vastly updated visuals, a new opening movie, and updated gameplay systems.

Final Fantasy

Joining Final Fantasy in this second June update is Farland Saga, a role playing game from TGL Planning. You play as Karin, a mage who's arrived in the city of Atlanta and must get to the bottom of the various mysteries that occur in town. After clearing battles, you're able to return to a guild in town to earn rewards and build up your character.

Farland Saga is available for PSP and PS3 at ¥600. The download is 155 megabytes.

Farland Saga

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