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Idol Master DS Sampler Hits Nintendo Channel

The girls of 876 Productions introduce the new Idol Master to you in full voice on your DS!


Looking for an early demo of Idol Master Dearly Stars, the new DS entry in the Idol Master series? Then you'd better keep looking!

If, however, you'll settle for a sampler of sorts that provides an introduction to the game, you'll find it waiting for download on the Everyone's Nintendo Channel.

Titled Idol Master Dearly Stars Special Interview, this sampler consists of a general introduction to the game and to its three newcomer idols, 876 Production's Ai, Eri, and Ryo.

While not actually a demo of the full game, Special Interview meant to be "played" from your DS. It can be considered a series of dialogue sequences with the girls. Namco Bandai has even provided full voice.

The three girls of 876 Productions.
The Special Interview sampler.

The sampler will be downloadable through July 7 on the Minna no Nintendo Channel off the Wii. Retail DS Station kiosks will take delivery of the sampler from June 25 through July 8.

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