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Yosumin Gets Download Content

80 Microsoft Points for a new mode of play featuring 180 stages.


Square Enix is really getting into the spirit of the whole downloadable games thing for their Xbox Live Arcade title Yosumin. Today (6/24), the company offered the first piece of download content for the game.

Players can now unlock the game's Adventure Mode. This mode of play offers over 180 stages of play, with the chance to save every five stages. Make the download, and the mode will become accessible from the Single Player area of the main menu. You may even see some changes to the game's title screen.

Pricing for Adventure Mode is 80 Microsoft Points.

Players of the PC version of Yosumin, which Square Enix made available simultaneous with the 360 version, should note that Adventure Mode was included with that version from the start. Players of the DS version will find that Adventure Mode is similar to that game's "Yosumin Garden" story mode.

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