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Capcom Offers Original Mega Man to PS3 Owners

Buyers of Mega Man 9 can win the original Mega Man as a download title.

PS3 and Xbox 360 owners in Japan have had to wait some time for Mega Man 9.

Mega Man 9 (or, more properly, Rockman 9) hit Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network on schedule today, some nine months after the WiiWare version arrived.

Overseas, both versions were released simultaneous with the WiiWare version. So is this the most boring Japanese release ever? For Xbox 360 owners, maybe. But for PS3 owners, there's something new to report.

Joining the PS3 release is a purchase campaign that will result in 30 winners getting a Mega Man Uniqlo t-shirt and 30 people getting a Game Archives version of the original Mega Man.

What's interesting is that there is no Game Archives version of Mega Man currently available for download, making this a special gift indeed for the 30 lucky enough to win.

The campaign will run from today (6/24) to July 8. You'll have to buy Mega Man 9 over the period and download a special ticket for the present of your choice.

Mega Man 9 is available for PSN at ¥1,000 and XLA at 800 MS Points.

Capcom also shared a schedule of download content for the two games today. Available as of today for PS3 owners are Mega Man Custom Theme 1 and Mega Man Custom Theme 2, each priced at ¥200. Xbox 360 owners have access to a 240 MS Point Premium Theme, two 160 MS Point Theme Packs, and two 100 MS Point Gamer Icon Packs.

Bruce Mode and Endless Attack downloads will follow on July 8. Blues Mode goes for ¥200 on PSN and 160 MS Points on XLA. Endless Attack runs ¥300 on PSN and 240 MS Points on XLA.

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