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Capcom Shares Ace Attorney Investigations Development Secrets

The Perfect Prosecutor was originally the Perfect Detective!


Ace Attorney Investigations is known here in Japan as "Gyakuten Kenji." This name is similar to that of the Ace Attorney series' Japanese name, Gyakuten Saiban, with the Saiban, or court, replaced by Kenji, or prosecutor.

It turns out that the game might have originally been Gyakuten Keiji. Keiji is Japanese for detective. Yes, rather than starring genius prosecutor Miles Edgeworth (Reiji Mitsurugi), the game was originally planned to be lead by a detective, specifically Gyakuten Saiban 4's Ema Skye (Akane Houzuki).

Investigations director Go Yamazaki revealed this bit of Gyakuten trivia in an interview that was posted to 4gamer on Friday.

While Ema Skye was all set to make her lead role debut, the idea was killed off when Yamazaki and crew consulted producer Motohide Eshiro. Also sitting in on the interview, Eshiro explained that he told Yamazaki to consider what character players most wanted to see in the main character role. Of course, the answer is Edgeworth, rival to Saiban series main character Phoenix Wright (Ryuichi Naruhodo).

From left to right, Phoenix Wright, Ema Skye, and Miles Edgeworth.

Skye fans should note that the character did make the cut as a support role for Investigations.

Outside of this, Eshiro gave a hint at a possible Investigations sequel. He noted that due to fan response, they've developed Investigations not as a sequel in the Gyakuten Saiban series, but as a new pillar for the series. It's "very possible" that they'll make a sequel, he said.

The 4gamer interview is extremely long and touches upon all areas of the game, from gameplay to voice recordings. If you can read the Japanese, it's an interesting read.

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