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Gears of War 2: The Sticker

Microsoft stages new promotional campaign for summer blockbuster. Collect all five stickers to win... probably nothing.


Microsoft is continuing with its big push for the Japanese release of Gears of War 2. Following the recent announcement of extra bonus content that Japanese players get for the low, low price of nothing, the company detailed today a sticker campaign.

Starting on July 4 (Saturday), Microsoft will team up with retailers to place Gears of War 2 stickers at select shops throughout Tokyo's Akihabara area and Osaka's Namba and Nihonbashi area. Each region will see a different sticker placed in five shops. Can you collect them all?

Those planning on taking the Gears of War tour on Saturday should refer to 4gamer for a list of participating retailers.

The promotion will run until all stickers have been distributed.

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