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Sega Holds Yakuza Hostess Auditions

No, Nagoshi did not make the girls go to his apartment.

Banner for the hostess contest. Sega distributed these not just in game publications, but in fashion magazines and directly at retailers.

Remember all that fuss about Sega holding auditions for girls to serve as the models and voices of hostesses in the new PlayStation 3 Ryu ga Gotoku (aka Yakuza) game? The second round of auditions for the parts was held over the weekend, and the major Japanese outlets were invited to watch.

Here's a recap of the happenings as reported over at 4gamer and Impress Watch.

The auditions were held on June 28 at Sega's headquarters in Tokyo. Sega brought in two or three ladies at a time for 30 minute group sessions involving Gotoku series supervisor Toshihiro Nagoshi, and Masayoshi Kikuchi and Kouji Uemura, respectively producer and project manager for the new title. In the top pic at 4gamer, Kikuchi is to the left, Uemura is to the right, and Nagoshi is the dark one.

Questions asked of the ladies included:

  • Have you experienced hostess clubs or other "water trade" style work? If so, where and for how long?
  • Are you familiar with the Ryu ga Gotoku series?
  • Do you usually play games?
  • Do you like karaoke? What kind of songs do you like to sing?
  • If you were to appear as a CG character, what personality would you want to have?

The girls were also asked to try out a number of mock lines, including welcoming customers to the club, asking customers to perform a duet during karaoke, and "Oh Kiryu!" (uhh... not in the sexual sense).

So who were these ladies? It was apparently varied crowd, consisting of college students, actual hostess girls, and even girls who work as models. Some of the participants heard about the contest not through Famitsu, where the news first broke, but through an advertisement Sega ran in Koakuma Ageha, the fashion magazine whose models appeared as hostesses in Ryu ga Gotoku 3.

The sites refrained from showing the girls' faces out of privacy concerns (you can see some nice backal action in the Impress shots, though). To get our first real look at the new girls of Gotoku, we'll have to wait for round three of the auditions, which will be held online. Between five and ten girls will make the final cut based off online voting.

Nagoshi also shared some comments with the gathered press following the audition session. Sega received around 1,500 applications for the hostess roles, he said. Of course, these were all girls. The recently announced sub story campaign, where Sega is seeking out user submitted episodes centered around hostess clubs, was designed to increase male participation in the game.

As for actual details about the new Gotoku, Nagoshi didn't say much. He did suggest that the make-your-own-hostess-club part of the game would be even more connected to the story this time.

Outside of the hostess area of the game, he also said that the new title would, like past entries, kick off in the same year and same month as the game's release.

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