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FFCC My Life as a Dark Lord DLC Detailed

Square Enix gets players started with new costumes, monsters and items.


As I wrote here earlier, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Dark Lord follows its My Life as a King predecessor with the promise of paid download content.

Different from My Life as a King, however, the game arrived with a large selection of content already available, as detailed at the new add-on content section of the game's official site.

Categories of DLC. The inactive one is for new stages.

The following content is available:

Dress of Light and Dress of Darkness. These affect Mira's parameters. Each is priced at 200 WiiPoints.
Ogre, Sahagin and Ariman. These give you access to new types of monsters for the stages. Priced at 100 WiiPoints each.
These artifacts have various effects on the stages. Two are available: Drain Chest (artifact which sucks up hero HP and feeds it to your monsters) and Fountain (not sure of the actual name, but this artifact clears your monster statuses). Priced at 200 WiiPoints each.
Shock Wave, Blast Arrow, and Fiaga. These cause damage to all heroes on all floors but can only be used once per stage. Priced at 100 WiiPoints each.
Expansion Stages
There are currently no examples of these.
The DLC interface in the game.

There are a bunch of question marks in the DLC section of the official site, so Square Enix will presumably be adding to the game's catalogue.

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