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Wii Sports Resort Sells 350,000 in First Week -- Enterbrain

Third fastest start, behind Smash Bros. X and Mario Kart.

Wii Sports Resort is the debut game for Wii Motion Plus in Japan.

Nintendo's Wii Motion Plus debut title appears to be off to a great start. Famitsu.com, citing sales data from parent Enterbrain, reported today first week domestic sales of 353,827 units for Wii Sports Resort. The game was released here on June 25.

Amongst Wii titles, Resort saw the third best opening ever for the domestic market. Only Smash Bros. X and Mario Kart Wii managed higher with, respectively, 816,000 and 608,000 units each.

Resort has a long way to go to top its predecessor, of course. Nintendo has sold over 3.5 million units of the original Wii Sports. Domestically, the original is sold separately from the Wii hardware.

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