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Twin Sticks EX Set for Production

Dream peripheral officially on the way. Major title update hits tomorrow.

Hori's Twin Sticks EX peripheral is set for production, but it may look a bit different from this.

Major developments in Virtual On land today. Sega updated the Virtual On Oratorio Tangram official site today with final details on the previously promised major title update for the game. Meanwhile, the official site's blog shared confirmation that the game's Twin Sticks EX peripheral will indeed be going into production.

The title update was detailed in a late May blog update. Today, Sega opened a special page for the update, showing off screenshots of the various features.

As detailed at the page, the update adds support for online match viewing, allowing players waiting in a lobby to view the current match, adds a special "Graphic Arrange" feature to the settings menu, bringing about some slight changes to light and shadow effects, makes a few changes to controls, and fixes a few bugs.

Players can look forward to the update on July 1 -- tomorrow! To get the update, you'll have to simply boot up the game while connected to Xbox Live. The update will take place automatically.

As for the Twin Sticks, the good news comes from the official site's blog. While the last week's post hinted that things were going well with pre-orders, today's post confirms that the product will indeed be going into production. Sega got permission from Hori to make the announcement despite the deadline for pre-orders still a few days out.

But that's not all! Hori is responding to fan requests and making some changes to the peripheral. They'll be changing the stick grip shape to more closely resemble the arcade grips. The distance between the sticks will also more closely match the arcade. Going along with these changes, the base of the unit is being changed into something new that's not just reused from the Real Arcade series.

There's just one catch. With all the changes, it's possible that the device may see a slight delay. While nothing is confirmed, Sega asks that players consider that a delay is possible.

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