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Harvest Moon Gets Milked

Latest download content for WiiWare entry adds cow capable of producing strawberry soft cream.


Marvelous has been a bit slow with the download content for its [begin editorial]extremely pricey[end editorial] WiiWare version of Harvest Moon. Yesterday, after a month gap, the third round of download content for Makiba no Omise hit the Wii Shopping Channel, offering players willing to fork over the an additional 500 WiiPoints more content.

Download content 3 is "Milk-ya-san Set," or "Milk Shop Set." This set adds Harvest Moon 2's Ran character as a new potential candidate for your affection. You'll also have access to a new animal: Strawberry Milking Cow, a cow which produces strawberry soft cream!

Continuing with the milk theme, the set includes items for decorating your shop in a milk theme. As always, you can easily show off your creation to other Wii owners.

Joining the new download content, Marvelous made available at the Wii Minna no Nintendo Channel a video featuring modeling group Pichi Lemon. The promo clip shows the group's two members purchasing new items and dressing up their in-game shop.

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