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Monster Hunter: The Drink

Is there anything as monstrous as this combination of lemon and mint?


The promotional items keep on coming for Monster Hunter 3. Today, Capcom gave a first look at the latest consumable item, the Monster Hunter 3 "Cooler Drink."

Based off the in-game item of the same name, which apparently stays cool even in the hottest of conditions, the lemon and mint flavored Cooler Drink comes in an aluminum bottle labeled with one of five primary monsters from the franchise. Each 100ml beverage includes 50mg of Theanine and 30mg of GABA. That's right, you can cool down and learn English too!

Released through Bandai, Cooler Drink will be available at convenience stores and game shops starting July 31. Each bottle goes for ¥200. Bandai will also be selling them as a six pack.

This is actually the third Monster Hunter food product in as many weeks. Capcom shared details on two products last week.

From Bandai Candy comes Monster Hunter Caramel Corn, a honey-flavored candy created in the image of the series' Honey item. This will be sold through convenience stores starting July 27. Pricing is set at open.

From Oofuji comes Airu and Meraru Sable cookies. These are respectively milk and chocolate flavored. They will be sold at omiyage shops starting July 17 at ¥682 for a pack of six.

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