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CESA To Bus People to Tokyo Game Show

Hardcore gamers get special treatment at this year's event.


The biggest public show in gaming hits Tokyo in September for four days starting September 24. While this all sounds similar to last year's handling for the event (except for the month -- last year's TGS was held in October), show organizer CESA is holding some special promotions this year targeting the more hardcore gaming crowd.

Advance tickets for the paid show's public days of the 26th and 27th will go on-sale starting July 15 at nationwide game shops and ticketing centers.

In addition to standard ¥1,000 per day tickets, CESA is offering for the first time "Supporters Club" tickets. These premium tickets give attendees free original goods and the ability to enter the show floor in advance of everyone else. CESA will offer the tickets through Lawson Tickets and via the TGS 2009 home page. Pricing has yet to be set.

Joining the new Supports Club program is something even more maniac. CESA will be holding the first ever "TGS Official Bus Tour" this year. Participants in this program will be bussed directly to the event venue at the Makuhari Messe from Osaka, Nagoya, Sendai, Nigata, Nagano, Fukuoka or Kofu. Tickets include bus fair, entrance into the show, and original TGS goods. Details will be provided at the official TGS 2009 homepage in the near future.

Outside of these new initiatives, CESA also revealed something for visitors to the show's business days. This year's keynote addresses will have a larger scale, taking place on a stage inside the exhibition area rather than in the separate conference room of past events. Details on the keynote program will be announced in mid July.

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