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Idol Master DS Main Character's Mom Got Knocked Up at Sixteen

Mystery behind the C rating explained?


Someone may have figured out the mystery behind Idol Master Dearly Stars' 15-and-up rating.

Hachimaki made a post yesterday pointing out somewhat of a curiosity in the history of one of the game's three idols.

To the left is 13-year-old Ai Hidaka, one of the new idols you get to play as in the game. In the center is her mom, Mai. To the right is a scan of a character profile. I haven't verified it yet, but let's assume the scan is legit for the moment.

According to the profile, Mai was once a rank S super idol who had an uncountable number of hits despite only three years of activity. She will likely go on to remain a star of note not just in idol history, but in Japanese history as well.

The profile also lists Mai as being 29 years old.

Did Mai get knocked up at the tender age of 16?

Actually, it gets worse. The Hachimaki blog has a time line. I'm not sure of the source, but I'll take their word for it. The timeline states that Mai made her idol debut at 12, got pregnant on August 15 at the age of 15, and got married at 16. She left the idol business and give birth to Ai on June 25.

And 13 years later, Ai followed in her foot steps. Hopefully with her feet more firmly planted on the ground.

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