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Marvelous Entertainment May Pass on Tokyo Game Show

Company tightening belt to increase income despite flat sales.


Marvelous Entertainment is cutting costs in an attempt to increase its bottom line despite flat sales expectations for the current fiscal year. For gamers, this could mean no booth from the publisher at this year's Tokyo Game Show.

The company held an investors meeting on June 24. A video of the presentation, posted yesterday at the company's official site, lists some of the company's cost-cutting plans.

Included in the measures are voluntary retirement, reduced executive pay, cuts to transportation and travel costs, and a temporary cease to participation in large-scale events.

MMV deals with music and stage events, but its plans to scale back on events was mentioned specifically with regards to its video game business. The company did not mention the Tokyo Game Show specifically, but as far as gaming events go, it doesn't get much larger scale than that!

At last year's show, MMV had a large booth which housed playable versions of such titles as Muramasa Demon Blade and Arc Rise Fantasia. Additionally, the company promoted then upcoming titles like Little King Story and offered a first look at No More Heroes 2.

Show organizer CESA has yet to share a list of Tokyo Game Show exhibitors. A press release yesterday from CESA noted that currently 117 businesses have signed up to show product. Further details on the event will be announced in the middle of this month.

In addition to the cost cutting measures, MMV detailed some of its sales plans for the current year ending March 2010 and for the near future.

The company plans on releasing 31 titles domestically and 27 titles overseas. This is expected to translate into respective sales of 1.1 million and 1.17 million units.

High-end machines -- presumably a reference to Xbox 360 and PS3 -- will see support from MMV starting this term. The company says that it plans on continually offering major original titles both domestically and overseas. Back in April, the company alluded to a high-end title without sharing specifics.

Getting particular mention in the company's briefing was WiiWare. In addition to the already released Harvest Moon Series: Makiba no Omisechi (which just saw its third piece of download content earlier this week), MMV says that it plans one additional WiiWare title which it expects to serve as an income source.

The company also plans on expanding its library through multiplatform use of properties. In addition to multiplatform titles for PS3 and Xbox 360, the company is looking into porting its Wii titles to the two systems. The company is also considering porting mobile titles over to home systems and distributing its backlog of classic games for systems like Super Famicom, PlayStation and Game Boy on download services for current systems.

In online game development, the company says that it's progressing with work on Harvest Moon online.

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