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Nippon Ichi Plans Disgaea 3 Append Disc

A sampling of Disgaea 3 download content, minus the pesky downloads.


If you've been longing for Disgaea 3's download content but aren't too keen on the whole download thing, Nippon Ichi has just the product for you. Dengeki Online posted a first report today on an expansion disc for the PS3 title that gives you a selection of the game's download content in disc form.

The disc is titled Makai Senki Disgaea 3 Append Disc Rasberil-hen Hajimemashta. The latter part can be translated to something along the lines of I've Started Rasberil's Chapter... or something to that effect.

Included on the disc is a scenario featuring the Rasberil character. This was offered as a series of four ¥550 downloads back in January.

Rasberil is too important for mere bits.

The disc also includes the latest Disgaea 3 patch (version 5.0, which was made available in March) and two of the game's free downloadable goodies: Main Character Prinny and Custom Theme. Nippon Ichi will also be giving somewhat of a bonus for the game's packaging, which will feature a new illustration from character designer Takehito Harada.

Look for the Append Disc on September 17 at ¥2,625. To use the disc, you'll need a copy of the main Disgaea 3 game. This can be through either the standard version of the game or the PlayStation 3 the Best budget version.

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