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Nintendo Wants Your Summer Puzzles and Mini Games

Latest Made in Ore and Rittai Picross download content.


Nintendo is continuing with the contests for its two big user generated content experiments, Rittai Picross and Made in Ore. This time, the contests for both games are themed around summer.

The fourth Rittai Picross contest kicked off on July 1. Make a puzzle that's themed around the season and submit it by July 25 (the contest started on July 1) and you'll be up for consideration to be among the select submissions distributed to the masses in mid August.

Nintendo has provided a couple of samples images at the game's official site: resort and floating ring.

The results of the third contest, Vehicles, will be released some time in July.

The fifth themed contest for Made in Ore asks that players create a mini game that has something do with the summer. Submissions are being accepted until July 13, with the results set to be announced on August 5.

The 48 award winners of the third contest, whose theme can be translated to something like "surprising things about life," were made available for download on June 24 and will be accessible through August 4.

The latest Nintendo-made Made in Ore mini games hit on July 1. Color Bunseki (Color Analysis) and Cheer Rhythm joined the growing lineup.

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