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Date Set for PSP Dynasty Warriors 6

Koei offers special sleeve bonus for pre-orderers.

The PSP version of Dynasty Warriors 6 Special

Although it was just announced last week, Dynasty Warriors 6 Special received a final release date today from Koei. PSP owners who missed out when the game saw release earlier this year on PS2, PS3, and Xbox 360, can pick up their very own version on September 17. Pricing set at ¥5,544.

As previously detailed, Dynasty Warriors 6 Special (properly known here as Shin Sangoku Musou 5 Special) is based off the PS2 version of the latest numbered Dynasty Warriors game. Koei has added ad-hoc support for multiple players as well as the ability to play as Meng Ho, a general who was added for the 360 and PS3-only Dynasty Warriors 6 Empires.

Those who pre-order the PSP game will get a special sleeve case featuring Cao Pi and Sun Shangxiang.

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