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New My Life as a Darklord Download Content

New clothing, items, floors and more!


Square Enix wasted little time in providing Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles My Life as a Darklord players with additional download content. Following an initial batch that launched with the game last week, the company released new content today, offering up new costumes, items, and monsters for those with WiiPoints to burn.

Joining last week's Dress of Light and Dress of Darkness, players can now dress Mira up in Osumashi Dress, a devil's dress that's meant to look somewhat like a princess.

New monsters include Ramia, a recovery-type best, Kimaira, a beast which makes use of poison, and Coeurl, a creature with fast attack speed. These are each priced 100 WiiPoints.

Joining the item list is Shumatsu Pierce, a 200 WiiPoint item that gives Mira a 50 point NP boost at the start of battle.

Finally, the game's floor lineup has been updated with the Summon Mirror floor, which summons monsters at random from a different dimension and lines them up to defend your tower from attack.

You can see some of these at the My Life as a Dark Lord official site.

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