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Sony to Offer Digital Comic Downloads on PSP

New multimedia service kicks off this year.


Sony Computer Entertainment Japan announced today a new program which will offer digital comics to PlayStation Portable users. The program is set to kick off some time this year.

Comics will be distributed through PlayStation Store. PSP users will be able to download the comics directly via the PSP or by using Sony's free Media Go management software on the PC.

The service is PSP-only and will not be compatible with PS3.

All models of the PSP will be compatible, including the new PSP go, which is due for release on November 1.

Sony did not share specifics on what content will be offered, nor did it share pricing details.

In other multimedia offerings, Sony currently offers a large selection of anime downloads for PS3 and PSP through the PlayStation Network's video store. Unrelated to Sony, Nintendo's WiiWare download service offers digital comics via Sun Denshi's Sunsoft Books service.

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