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Dragon Quest IX Pre-orders Top Two Million

Guess the first week sales.

A retailer promotes pre-orders.

In case you for some reason thought Dragon Quest IX was going to buck the trend of numbered Dragon Quest games and totally flop at retail, a report at Inside Games today ought to convince you otherwise.

The site, as part of its daily "Morning Paper Check" story, in which it summarizes the game-related contents from morning newspapers, has recapped a Dragon Quest-related story from today's Nikkei Industrial Newspaper. The paper makes note of the numerous pre-order signs now appearing at retailers and says that retailers are telling it that pre-orders for the game stand out even over past DQ games. The game's pre-orders appear to have crossed the two million mark.

DQIX goes on sale this Saturday alongside a new red DSi model. The game is widely expected to be the DS's next five million seller.

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