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Nintendo Teams with Nikkei for Economics Software

Learn how money works from the master of making money and the master of writing about it.


Nintendo makes money better than pretty much any company out there. The Nihon Keizai Shimbun (Nikkei) daily writes about financial topics better than pretty much any newspaper out there.

So what happens when these two team up? We'll find out soon as Nintendo and Nikkei release a new DS title designed to teach the intricacies of the financial system.

The new app is titled Shiranai Mama dewa Son wo Suru: Mono ya Okane no Shikumi DS. This translates to something along the lines of "You'll Incur Losses if You Remain Ignorant: How Money and Things Work DS."

Nikkei is supervising the project and is providing content relating to the economy. Nintendo is handling the development side of things.

Users of the software will be able to increase their knowledge of the economy by answering multiple choice questions while viewing charts, graphs and photos, and listening to voiced news updates. The program also includes a daily problem mode and a version of Nikkei Test, an annual test of business and financial abilities.

In a joint press release today, Nintendo said that its goal with the project is to deliver a new "economics" theme to its customers. Nikkei's goal is to increase readership by building up awareness of the economy amongst students and young business professionals.

How Money and Things Work DS will be released on August 27 at ¥3,800.

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