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Final Fantasy II Hits Game Archives

PlayStation remake of second FF joins two other classics.


Looks like Square Enix may be intent on bringing its full Final Fantasy lineup to Sony's Game Archives retro download service. A couple of weeks after the original Final Fantasy hit the service, Square Enix released Final Fantasy II today. Players can download the classic for play on PS3 and PSP at ¥600.

As with last month's release, this version of Final Fantasy is based off a PlayStation remake of the game, complete with visual improvements and a CG intro.

Final Fantasy II

Final Fantasy II is joined by two other games today: the falling blocks puzzler Deron Dero Dero (Tecmo Stackers) from Tecmo, and the side scrolling shooter Gaia Seed from Hamster. These are also priced at ¥600 and are playable on both PSP and PS3. As with all Game Archives games, the PSP version of Deron Dero Dero can only be played in solo mode.

Gaia Seed
Tecmo Stackers

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