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Tales of Vesperia Demo Hits Next Week

Sample PS3 port of Xbox 360 RPG two months ahead of release. Will Pirate Patty make her debut?

Our first sampling of Patty could come sooner than expected.

Get your system wars buddies on the line. There's another one of those Xbox 360 to PS3 ports waiting to be scrutinized in about a week.

Namco Bandai announced today an upcoming demo for Tales of Vesperia. PS3 owners will get a first shot at last year's big Xbox 360 RPG on July 13. The game isn't due for release until September 17, making this quite the early preview.

The actual content of the demo is unclear at present, but screenshots posted at Dengeki Online today in the site's story on the demo show pirate girl Patty. Perhaps we'll get to control the new character?

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