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Second Kingdom Hearts Coded Episode Now Available

Sora's adventure in the data world continues, now with a Moogle Shop.


Square Enix's mobile Kingdom Hearts game got its second piece of content yesterday. Following up on the the game's first chapter, released on June 3, DoCoMo owners with the right equipment can now download the game's second chapter. As previously announced, the second and all subsequent chapters sell for 500 Points each (¥525).

Chapter 2 kicks off with Sora, in the digitized version of Jiminy Cricket's memo, arriving in Travis Town. Sora is asked to search for Huey, Dewey, and Louie, who started up their own investigation of the strange happenings around town.

You'll encounter some new gameplay elements in this world. Sora will be entrapped by bug blocks, which can be avoided by entering the game's "Area Debug Mode." After clearing the world, you'll also be able to undertake missions from the characters who appear in the world, possibly earning additional items.

You can also gather prizes left behind by fallen foes, which can then be used to increase your debug gauge, giving you access to new abilities. Using your VP (Version Up Points), which you earn based off your rank in the level, and you can increase the power of these abilities.

Also new with this episode is the Moogle Shop. At save points, you can enter this shop which lets you synthesize new items by combining other items.

You'll also find some connectivity with the Kingdom Hearts Mobile Avatar Kingdom. You can collect avatar items around the world. These can be placed as dolls and as room customizations in the avatar world.

You can see all these features at the Kingdom Hearts Coded official site. The site has the usual stirring Kingdom Hearts music, so you should definitely check it out.

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