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Cut Smoking Habit With New WiiWare App

Seven days to clean lungs and boring life.


I'm not sure why anyone would want to actually stop smoking, but if you for some reason do, Silver Star Japan may have just the tool you're looking for. The publisher's next WiiWare app promises to support you as you cut the costly (unless you're in Japan!) habit.

Titled Raku Raku Kinen Appli Wii (roughly, "Easy Non Smoking Appli Wii"), this program teaches a method for quitting smoking in seven days. It actually includes the entire content of a book on the matter.

There are two modes in the app: Smoking Mode and Non Smoking mode. You start off with the former which measures your current smoking state via a Smoking Counter and also lets you keep track of your Smoking History.

When you feel like you're ready to stop smoking, you can enter the Non Smoking Mode. This mode lets you keep a smoking journal, filled out by answering questions.

Got a family of smokers? Then you can make them all quit simultaneously with this one app. The program can save data for up to four users. It's even compatible with your Mii avatars, which appear directly in the game, perhaps adding that personal touch (although I have a feeling the Miis won't actually be lighting up or anything).

If you're ready to stop smoking, you can download Raku Raku Kinen Appli Wii on July 14. The price is ¥1,000 -- the equivalent of three packs (cigarettes are damn cheap here!).

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