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Giant Gundam to Appear in PlayStation Home

Home mimics reality mimics anime. The circle is complete.


PS Home is about to get even more real, in the most unlikely of ways! As part of a tie-up promotion between Sony Computer Entertainment and Bandai Namco Games, a giant Gundam will appear in the virtual world's main pavilion area, towering over all visitors and buildings!

If you've been keeping up with the bizarre happenings in Tokyo of late, you'll recognize this as a virtual version of the 30th Anniversary Gundam project that recently saw a one-to-one scale model of a Gundam Mobile Suit go live in the city's recreational Odaiba area. The Home promotion is being held to commemorate both that and the September 3 release of PS3's latest Gundam game, Gundam Senki.

Home visitors can look forward to the new attraction starting at 23:00 on Saturday (7/11).

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