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Level-5 Plans Level-5 Vision 2009

What surprises await from the Dragon Quest and Professor Layton studio?


Dragon Quest developer and Professor Layton publisher Level-5 last shared its "vision" for the coming year in September 2008, just prior to the Tokyo Game Show. One year has almost passed since then, so it's time for another peak at the upcoming plans from the busy Fukuoka studio.

The company opened a teaser site yesterday for this year's version of its annual "vision" series press conference. Yes, it's a teaser site for a press conference.

This year's installment will be called Level-5 Vision 2009. And that's all the page says at present. More details are promised for July 17.

Last year's event saw a number of new projects, some of which have been released (ROID, Sloane & MacHale, Atama no Taisou) and some of which are still being given only limited press (Ni no Kuni, Danbol Senki, and Inazuma Eleven Break). It's also worth noting that since last year's conference, the studio has released probably its two biggest projects, Dragon Quest IX and White Knight Chronicles.

For a recap of what was shown last year, see my live blog from the event.

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