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Dragon Quest IX Launch Coverage at the New andriasang.com Ticker

See and comment on what's happening around Tokyo!


If you've been visiting the site, you might have noticed a little Twitter feed widget on the right side of blog posts and the main channel.

Previously, the widget was fed with content, usually posted via mobile updates, from Twitter and TwitPic. Today, I made them completely self contained within the site. Click on an image or a link in the feed and you'll be taken to a special page where you can post comments. I also whipped together a quick general feed page.

This part of the site is rough and may even be buggy, so if something doesn't appear to be working right, you can still access the content at Twitter and TwitPic.

I'll be testing this new area of the site out today at the Dragon Quest IX launch event in a couple of hours. Be sure and check back throughout the day and leave some comments in the images and updates I put up!

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