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Ultimate Dragon Quest IX Strategy Guide Set for September

A guide so massive, they split it in two!

Official site for the new guide books.

Dragon Quest IX is said to be a massive game, with hundreds of hours of gameplay. A big game needs a big strategy guide. Actually, make that two.

Coinciding with Saturday's release, Square Enix opened an official site for the official Dragon Quest IX guide book. All that "official" translates into two volumes covering all areas of the game, from character and world profiles to monster and item lists.

The content of the two volumes is as follows:

Vol.1 World Volume
This volume offers a character guide, a basic gameplay "adventure index," a job guide with information on all 12 jobs basic and advanced, a spell and skill file, a walkthrough from beginning to end complete with dungeon maps, and a guide to side quests including Wi-Fi Shopping, medal collection and treasure map dungeons. Bonus content includes a multiplayer diary which will apparently make players want to try the game out in multiplayer, and a poster with maps and an adventure flow chart.
Vol.2 Knowledge Volume
The volume offers more in-depth information on the game, including a monster guide (complete with information on monsters and treasure map dungeons that appear once you clear the game), a fashion catalogue, an item list, an alchemy recipe book, a title list, a quest list (with all the normal quests and download quests up to the guide's release) and full strategy guides for the treasure maps. As a bonus, the guide includes a poster with maps showing where to find alchemy materials and the location of quest givers.

Both volumes will arrive on September 11. The World Volume is priced at ¥1,470, with the Knowledge Volume a bit higher at ¥1,575.

See the official site for a preview of some of the content in late August.

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