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Tom Create Preps Original Strategy Game for WiiWare

New Wi-Fi ready title combines card and board gaming.


SD Gundam G Generation development studio Tom Create is all set to unleash an original game on Wii owners. The company will bring Hirameki Card Battle Mekuruca to WiiWare tomorrow (July 14) as a 1,000 WiiPoint download.

Mekuruca is a combination turn-based card game and board game. You move cards around on a play field, attempting to line up like cards. Doing so gives you a sample of the card, which you can use to attack your rival.

In addition to making use of cards to perform attacks against your foe, you can also summon monsters onto the play field, and have them move around and attack.

The game includes over 50 card types and 70 card effects. Stages number 40 by default, but there's also a random mode which creates stages with random groupings of cards. Players can also create their own stages using an edit feature.

Modes of play include a story mode, which follows the main character's path to the championship in a Mekuruca Tournament at his school. You can also play through a free battle, a survival mdoe, and a tournament mode. The game includes two player support for both offline and Wi-Fi battles.

You can see a first trailer for the game at its newly opened official site.

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