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Media Create: 80% of Dragon Quest IX Stock Depleted

Enterbrain rival also reports stronger start for new entry compared to DQVIII.

Scene from the DQIX official launch event in Shibuya.

Enterbrain isn't the only tracking firm on top of Dragon Quest IX's sales. Rival Media Create provided sales data of its own today, reporting early sales of 2,318,932 units for the game.

As with the Enterbrain numbers, reported earlier today through Famitsu, the Media Create figure includes just two days of sales, the 11th and the 12th. The weekly tracking period for both firms runs from Monday through Sunday, so this is considered the "first week" of sales for the game.

Also like the Enterbrain numbers, Media Create's figures indicate a faster start for DQIX compared to its predecessor. Media Create had DQVIII at 2.23 million units in its first two days back in 2004. That title previously held the record for highest first week total for a game released post 2000.

Media Create also reported a sell-through rate of 81.56% for DQIX. A figure this high is often an indication of sell outs at some retailers.

DQIX is expected by some analysts and industry insiders to top five million in domestic sales. DQVIII managed 3.68 million in domestic sales.

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