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CyberConnect 2 Counting Down to Something

New contents from the makers of .hack and Naruto.


Life long countdown club member CyberConnect 2 is staging another countdown to an unveiling of some form. Check back at the company's new teaser site in five days (presumably meaning Friday, the 13th), and you may get a first glimpse at a new game-related project.

This latest countdown from the .hack and Naruto developer shows a date counter against a full moon, with cherry blossoms decorating the side. Roll your mouse over the number for a mysterious Japanese language message

The last CyberConnect2 countdown, held in mid January, resulted in the unveiling of .hack//Link for PSP.

This time, the unveiling may not be as newsworthy, as there's currently some speculation on Japanese gaming sites that this could just be a formal Japanese announcement for PSP's Naruto Shippuden Legends, which was first shown to Western audiences at E3 in June.

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