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Wii Hula Game Getting Sequel

Dance Hula with the Wiimote while watching Miss Aloha shake her hips.


Previously, Wii owners could boast that they had the only system with a Hula simulator. Well make that two, as Milestone has a second Hula game in the works for the system!

Titled Hula Wii: Enjoy Dancing Hula!!, this is actually a sequel to the first game, October 2008's Hula Wii. The game is being produced with the support of Hula magazine Hula Le'a, Spa Resort Hawaiians, and Hawai'i tourism Japan.

As with the original, you take hold of the Wiimote and mimic Hula motions by following videos of professional Hula dancers. The game includes over 20 songs, performed by Miss Aloha Hula 2001, Natasha K. Oda.

Milestone is also including Mii support, allowing your Miis to Hula for you, some unspecified bonuses for those with clear data from the original Hula Wii, and a trivia mode in celebration of Hawaii's 50th anniversary of statehood.

Hula Wii: Enjoy Dancing Hula!! hits on October 1 at ¥5,040.

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