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Cave Plans New Shooter; Points to Xbox 360 Success

Death Smiles a hit.

The 360 version of Death Smiles.

Have you ever noticed all those Xbox 360 shoot 'em ups and wondered if their publishers actually considered them a success? The answer appears to be yes in at least one case.

Cave issued its latest earnings report yesterday. Under its consumer development section, the company made note of strong sales for the Death Smiles series, with specific mention given to the Xbox 360 version. Released in April 2009, the game shipped 30,000 units, three times more than planned!

As part of its future strategy, the company said that it plans on making further developments in the consumer market. It plans on conversions of past hits, with specific mention given to Death Smiles II, Espagaluda II, and Mushihimesama Futari. Specific platforms were not mentioned, although the 360 does appears to be the platform of choice when it comes to maniac shooters.

For arcades, the company plans on introducing one original shooter. Specifics were not shared.

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