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This Year's CEDEC Theme is Borderless

Plus, announcements about announcements for Japan's Game Developers Conference.


CESA announced today further details on the 2009 installment of its annual CESA Developers Conference (CEDEC). As previously announced, this year's event will be held from September 1 through September 3 at Pacifico Yokohama.

This year's theme is is "Development Mind, Borderless!". This is meant to reflect the global trends of game development over the past years, resulting in dramatically expanding development and the need to go beyond past development frameworks.

Official logo for CEDEC 2009.

The Japanese language version of the CEDEC 2009 official site was updated today with first session details for the event. Interested parties can see the list of speakers for the various tracts, from programming to game design. English information will presumably follow in a future update. The overseas tract, which features overseas speakers, will also be unveiled in a future update.

CEDEC 2009 will also see big keynote addresses on each of its three days. CESA will be announcing these over the coming weeks. The September 1 speaker will be announced on 7/17. The other two days will be announced, respectively, on 7/24 and 7/31. At the official site, you can see a silhouette of the first speaker. Any guesses?

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