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Namco Bandai Teams Tabemon with Fried Rice

Autumn of Appetite campaign celebrates upcoming Wii title.


Namco Bandai's latest Wii title is Tabemon, an action title where you take control of the ball-like Pepper and Sugar, and go about eating up delicious enemies that happen to look like vegetables. The name of the game means "food," so perhaps fittingly, Namco Bandai has come up with a food-based campaign for the game.

As part of the "Autumn of Appetite: Tabemon Paku Paku Campaign, packaged food maker Maruha Nichiro will be giving two of its signature products special Tabemon packaging. For a limited time, Sugar and Pepper will appear on the covers of Bibimpap Chahan (fried rice) and Nikumaki Potato (meat-stuffed potatoes).

The two companies are also teaming up for a present campaign. Collect three bar codes from either food product, and you'll be able to enter into a drawing for one of 100 copies of Tabemon. The campaign runs from mid August through October 30.

Tabemon hits Wii on September 3 at ¥6,279.

Screens of Tabemon.

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