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Sega Teases Pole's Big Adventure Followup

Make sushi, and guess the platform of the next in retro from Sega.


With its retro stylings and non-stop humor, Pole's Big Adventure was one of WiiWare's biggest charmers earlier this year. It was also apparently a big enough hit that Sega is working away at a sequel.

The new game is titled... well, we don't know that yet. As expected, Sega will be unveiling this game through a countdown site. The site opened today and appears to be counting down to an unveiling on Friday, July 24.

The page provides a clue as to the nature of the game. The keyword, according to the site, is "Chinspo," which combines the first part of the original Pole's Big Adventure Japanese name with what could be the short form of "sports"

Using this information, visitors to the site are being asked to vote on what they expect of the platform, genre, and taste for the new game. As of July 14 at 15:45, the top vote getters were WiiWare, action, and "baka game," or "stupid game." This describes the original well. "Sports" gets second place under genre.

Outside of the pokeable fish at the top of the page, there's one more piece of mysterious content. Click the mirror at the bottom of the page, and you'll be taken to a page for the Chinspo Girl, who appears to be a heroine or spokesgirl for the game. This page offers a bar code allowing you to download a ringtone of the girl's voice to your phone, and a search box, allowing you to search the web for the girl based off the profile information at the page.

There's also a javascript applet for bloggers:

Check back in a little over a week for the proper unveiling of this latest mystery title.

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