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Dragon Quest IX Shipments Top Three Million

DQ series as a whole now at 50 million.


Following early sales data from Media Create and Enterbrain yesterday, Square Enix issued a statement of its own today (July 14) regarding Dragon Quest IX. The company announced that total shipments for the DS entry have topped the three million mark. The game was released on July 11.

With the DQIX boost, total worldwide shipments for the Dragon Quest series as a whole have topped the 50 million mark.

A statement from the company noted that DQIX is appealing to not just the regular DQ series fans, but newcomers to the series. The title has seen a favorable reaction amongst age groups spanning elementary school kids to seniors. The three million number continues to rise, it said.

The company also noted that it has big plans to continue to pushing the game as the summer vacation season approaches. This Friday (July 17) will mark the start of quest downloads. Owners of the game will be able to download new quests, with new offerings planned every week for a year.

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