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Go Here if You Want Dragon Quest IX's Sandy to Die

Some players really hate the DQIX hyper gal navigator.


I'm about seven hours into Dragon Quest IX and am totally enjoying it. But some players don't seem to be as enthused about the game.

In particular, there seems to be some concern about the Sandy character. Sandy is a little fairy who accompanies you on your adventure. She speaks "gal," which is a sorta, like totally super hyper way of talking, you know, kinda, like, how, like, a little girl would, like, talk.

Hatred of Sandy has made some unknown game designer create a Flash game called "Die Sandy!".

You move click your mouse on Sandy's face in order to punch, slap, and pound her. She reacts using some of her trademark hyper gal talk.

Her damage is shown in the lower right. If you want, you can press the square button below that to heal her.

Please do not attempt this with a real life fairy. But please do try porting it to Nintendo's Made in Ore mini game maker.

By the way, if you hate Sandy, this will make your blood boil. She was actually the first named character revealed for DQIX.

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