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Now Pikachu Can Zap You While you Lay Down

Pokemon health equipment could solve all health care woes.


Pikachu's dabbling with the health industry did not end back in April with the release of a Pokemon-themed "Mobile Revolution" series mobile X-ray unit. Today, Inside Games stumbled upon a deluxe X-ray machine featuring Pikachu and friends.

Called X'sy Pro, this all-in-one X-ray set from Shimadzu is a followup to the April machine. Unlike April's mobile machine, this one is meant to be kept in one place. It boasts more Pikachus than its predecessor and support for 100V power.

The ¥6.2 million device will be on display at the International Modern Hospital Show 2009 event at Tokyo Big Sight on July 15. If you attend, take your DS and copy of Diamond & Pearl with you and let me know if there are any downloadable Pokemon!

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