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So What Games Did Dragon Quest IX Beat?

Tsutaya gives early preview of this week's sales charts.

The Dragon Quest IX launch at Tsutaya's flagship outlet in Shibuya.

Media retailer Tsutaya was at the center of the Dragon Quest IX launch festivities thanks to an official launch event on Saturday morning. Let's see how the game did at the retailer. And more importantly, let's see what managed to come in at second!

Taketo Matsuo, a higher up with the retail giant's gaming business, shared his latest market analysis article with Mainichi.jp today.

Not surprisingly, Tsutaya data puts DQIX as the number one game for the week covering July 7 through July 13. The game sold better than expected, Matsuo said, beating out DQVIII by 20%.

As reason for the stronger sales, Matsuo made note of the game's availability on the DS, and also the success of Square Enix's arcade card game, Dragon Quest Battle Road. Thanks to the arcade unit, the game saw success with a wide range of child age groups. This, he says, is important, because it means the game could see sales boosts during gift seasons later in the year.

There were no new releases in the Tsutaya top ten outside of DQIX. Wii Sports Resort (Nintendo, Wii) came in at second, followed by Friend Collection (Nintendo, DS), My Summer Vacation 4 (Sony, PSP), and Hatsune Miku Project Diva (Sega, PSP).

For next week, Matsuo expects DQIX to continue at top, followed by the PS2 and PSP versions of Konami's Pro Baseball Spirits 6.

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