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Mega Man Battle Network Remake Set For DS

Capcom brings back the Game Boy Advance classic with extra content.


Capcom formally announced its big World Hobby Fair surprise Rockman (Mega Man) game today. Rockman EXE Operate Shooting Star is on the way for DS release this Fall.

The EXE series was a Game Boy Advance staple, with six releases, most offered as multiple SKUs. Part 6 was released back in November 2005, and the series has been silent since then. Overseas, the series is known as Mega Man Battle Network.

This new DS entry is actually a remake of the first Rockman EXE game, but with "plus alpha" content. While it's unclear what that plus alpha content is, an illustration released today shows the Mega Man from the Ryusei no Rockman series, which has seen multiple DS installments.

Further details will be announced in mid August. See Capcom's teaser site for the game for a message from producer Ken Horinouchi.

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