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Dragon Quest Content Hits Mac de DS

Kill Slime, get free hamburgers.


Nintendo and McDonalds' fledging Mac de DS program already had a big name with Pokemon. Now it's teaming up with that other big RPG with the memorable creature designs, Dragon Quest.

From July 31 through September 3, visitors to McDonalds restaurants will be able to download an original Dragon Quest-themed battle game to their DS. Titled "McDonalds no Tabibito-tachi" (McDonalds Travelers), this game requires that you win battles in order to gain level ups. Reach level 10, and you clear the game.

As with the Pokemon stamp rally program that launched with Mac de DS, there's a gimmick here designed to get you going back to McDonalds. You can only play the game once per day. Head back to McDonalds enough to play the game five times, and you'll get yourself a coupon for a free Hamburger. It doesn't matter if you win or loose.

The DQ promotion will begin just after the July 23 end to the Pokemon stamp rally promo.

For a look at the Pokemon stamp rally, search through the site mobile blog.

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