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DQIX Strategy Guide Tops Charts

Where's your wild sheep now, Haruki Murakami?

The first, of probably many, Dragon Quest IX guides.

Dragon Quest IX isn't just breaking records as a game. It's also making its mark in print form!

Inside Games posted a report today on, of all things, book rankings. According to data from Oricon, the Dragon Quest IX DS Version Big Adventure Players Guide, a ¥1,200 official guide from the editors of V-Jump, topped the firm's book charts last week with 198,127 units sold. This is a weekly sales chart, but DQIX had just two days of sales, having launched with DQIX on Saturday,

Keep in mind that this isn't just a strategy guide chart, but a general book chart. The DQIX guide bumped Haruki Murakami's 1Q84 BOOK1 out of first. The book had claimed the top spot six weeks running. Its second volume took third this week.

This is the first time since last October that a video game strategy guide has topped the Oricon weekly book charts. The Pokemon Platinum Official Perfect Clear Guide took the honors then.

Now imagine what happens when the real Dragon Quest IX guides hit in September!

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