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Date Set for Resident Evil 5 PC

Capcom offers a benchmark and shows off new costumes.


Resident Evil 5 is following in the footsteps of Street Fighter IV, with an improved PC version set to follow the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions from earlier this year. Today, Capcom shared specifics on the updated port.

Biohazard 5, as the game is known here in Japan, will hit the PC on September 17. Capcom is charging ¥7,340, making it cheaper than its console counterparts.

The PC version features everything from the console versions, including online co-op play. PC buyers can also look forward to some new elements, including new costumes and the inclusion of the Mercenaries mode, which was made available as separate paid download content for the consoles.

New costumes for PC players.

As previously announced, the game will also support NVIDIA's GeForce 3D Vision Technology, a new type of 3D visual output.

The PC version of RE5 looks like it will pack a bit more power to its standard visuals as well when compared to the console versions. If you'd like to see if your system is up to the task, try downloading the new RE5 benchmark from NVIDIA's download site. The bechmark lets you test both standard play and 3D Vision support.

The RE5 benchmark.

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